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Pledge to the Texas Flag---adopted in 1933 and changed in 1965 to delete the phrase "Flag of 1836." Texas had no flag in 1836.

"Honor the Texas Flag.
I pledge allegiance to thee.
Texas, one and indivisible."

State Motto---"Friendship." adopted in 1930.

State Tree---"Pecan." adopted in 1919.

State Flower--- "Bluebonnet." adopted in 1901.

State Bird--- "Mockingbird." adopted in 1927.

State Small Mammal--- "Armadillo." adopted in 1995.

State Song---"Texas Our Texas." adopted in 1929. (click on title for lyrics.)

State Dish---"Chili." adopted in 1977.

State Fish---"Guadalupe Bass." adopted in 1989.

State Folk Dance---"Square Dance." adopted in 1991.

State Fruit---"Texas Red Grapefruit." adopted in 1993.

State Gem---"Texas Blue Topaz." adopted in 1969.

State Grass---"Sideoats Grama." adopted in 1971.

State Seashell---"Lightning Whelk." adopted in 1987.

State Large Mammal---"Longhorn Steer." adopted in 19xx.

State Air Force---"Confederate Air Force." adopted in 1989. Located at Midland International Airport.

State Musical Instrument---"Guitar." adopted in 1997.

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